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Circuit Board With LED Display

A guide to LEDs

Everyone’s heard of LEDs but how many times have you stopped to think about what an LED actually is and what makes it different from other kinds of lights?. What…


How does a fluorescent lamp work?

Fluorescent tubes are a common sight in public places, offices and schools but how much do you actually know about the inner workings of the fluorescent lamp.  Do you know…


Are LEDs the future of lighting?

With the phasing out of the traditional halogen lamp there are few alternative options on offer to us.  Compact Fluorescent bulbs are widely available and it’s easy to believe that…


Ultimate party lights for the best Christmas party

What do you need to get right at a party?  Food, drink, music and atmosphere and one way you can really create an atmosphere is through lighting.  Lighting can be…


What are the advantages of LED floodlights?

Flood lighting is hugely important in both public and private spaces.  Floodlights are extremely powerful and can light up huge spaces whether it be a football stadium, music arena or…

Changing to energy saving lighting could save you money

Financial help for businesses that choose energy saving lighting

LampShopOnline is offering to help companies buying energy saving lighting take advantage of tax relief and a financial scheme that can help reduce initial purchase costs. Many companies are not aware of a government initiative called Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA’s) which encourage businesses to invest in products which help reduce carbon emissions by offering tax relief. LampShopOnline is also offering to help companies fill in forms for finance organised by the Carbon Trust through Siemens to help reduce the initial payment when buying energy saving lighting.

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