Monthly Archives: January 2015

dimmable LED logos

Dimmable LEDs: What Switch you Need and How to Identify a Dimmable Bulb

Dimming LEDs is not as straightforward as dimming halogen or incandescent light bulbs. LED bulbs need a specific type of dimmer switch to work properly, and you need to be…

Artifact Lighting Copper Shade Pendant

10 Ways New Lighting Can Transform Your Home

How to get started on a home lighting makeover with ambient, task and accent lighting Top picks for stylish lighting accessories to ensure your home lighting is on trend The…

bright busy office

Your Guide to Office Lighting Best Practice

Just like the air-con temperature, preferences for light levels are specific to individuals and in a shared office this can cause plenty of disagreements. Office lighting has an impact on…


How the Right Retail Lighting Can Boost Your Sales

What drives shoppers to make a purchase when they’re in a store How different types of lighting influence shoppers How lighting can help you save energy and boost retail sales…

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