Monthly Archives: June 2015


10 Illuminating Light Art Pieces

Many artists and photographers have been interested in the interaction between light and the real world.  The reason for some, is simply that without light, life wouldn’t exist, and this…


LEDs and Sensors: The Future for our Cities?

LEDs are known for being the future of lighting. They save money, save the planet, and save you time as they do not have to be replaced as much, making…


LEDs Light Up World Centres

Over the past 5 years many world centres have been undergoing a lighting transformation.  Several landmarks across the globe have been switching from traditional incandescent bulbs to LEDs, motivated by…


6 reasons to love our new All In One 10w LED Dimmable Downlights

We here at LampShopOnline are in love with our new all-in-one dimmable downlights, and we want you to be too! So here’s 6 reasons why should check them out today:…


2015: The International Year of Light!

Not just a day, not just a week, not even just a month, but the entire year of 2015 is dedicated to the celebration of Light and Light-Based technologies! The…

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