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Exciting Update on Street Lighting Story

A few weeks ago, we reported about the increase in sensor technologies in our cities, especially within street lights.  The idea being proposed was to reduce street lighting to save…


Better Bathroom Lighting

Although used everyday, the bathroom often gets the least amount of attention when it comes to lighting.  Many take a one-fits-all approach, using only a singular light for the whole room….


Something for Summer: Light Fantastic at the National Media Museum

If you are looking for something to do this summer, the National Media Museum in Bradford have an exciting new exhibit to explore.  Called Light Fantastic: Adventures in the Science…


Light and Sight

Without light it would be impossible for us to see anything, so it seems important to find out why it is necessary, and what happens when things go wrong? Vision…


Bright Ideas for Classroom Lighting

When looking into lighting, studies tend to focus on the effect on adults.  However, there have been some interesting recent studies on how lighting affects children, focusing especially on an…


Open up Outside with Lighting

As it is officially summer, many people are turning away from the indoors and beginning to venture outside, looking to make the most of the longer nights and (hopefully) warmer weather!…

energy saving

Financial help for businesses that choose energy saving lighting

Since 2012, LampShopOnline has been offering to help companies benefit from buying energy saving lighting, by helping customers take advantage of a Government-run tax relief scheme, and a financial scheme…

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