Monthly Archives: August 2015


Better Branding for your Business (using lights!)

In earlier posts, we have talked about how certain light schemes can create different looks, and can influence shoppers to buy or browse.  Here, we’re going to take a closer look at how…


Troubleshooting Common Problems with Halogen lightbulbs

Halogen lighting, although they look like incandescents, are slightly different in order to make them last longer.  However, they can still have a variety of problems which reduce their life…


Your Guide to Good Desk Lighting

In 2015, most people either work at a desk or at least have a desk space in their home.  As people spend more and more time working on computers, it…

jet clocks

Lose the Jet Lag with Light

Nodding off in New York?  Snoozing in Sri Lanka?  Comatose in Canada? You’re not alone.  Jet Lag is a modern phenomenon which affects millions of people each year, and makes…

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