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Light Pollution: Seeing the Stars vs Seeing the City

Seeing the stars at night is exciting whatever age you are.  Stunning photos showing the vast galaxy around us are shared and favourited constantly, with many people adding comments like…

victorai gate

Leeds Lighting: Shopping Centres

Leeds city centre certainly does not have a shortage of shops or shopping centres at the moment.  From ‘Thornton’s Arcade’ which has been around since 1878, to the  new Victoria…


A Quick Guide to Fashion Runway Lighting

Last week saw the end of Paris Fashion week, and with it, the Fashion season.  Although some of us don’t mind splashing out on a few choice clothes, what interested…

LN leeds

Leeds Light Night!

Every year, for one night, the city of Leeds is transformed.  No longer is it simply a closed city centre, but instead, it turns into it’s own theatre stage, presenting…

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