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Dimmable LEDs: What Switch you Need and How to Identify a Dimmable Bulb

Dimming LEDs is not as straightforward as dimming halogen or incandescent light bulbs. LED bulbs need a specific type of dimmer switch to work properly, and you need to be…

Artifact Lighting Copper Shade Pendant

10 Ways New Lighting Can Transform Your Home

How to get started on a home lighting makeover with ambient, task and accent lighting Top picks for stylish lighting accessories to ensure your home lighting is on trend The…

bright busy office

Your Guide to Office Lighting Best Practice

Just like the air-con temperature, preferences for light levels are specific to individuals and in a shared office this can cause plenty of disagreements. Office lighting has an impact on…


How the Right Retail Lighting Can Boost Your Sales

What drives shoppers to make a purchase when they’re in a store How different types of lighting influence shoppers How lighting can help you save energy and boost retail sales…

Fluorescent Tube Issues

Troubleshooting Common Problems with Starters and Ballasts in Fluorescent Tubes

Reasons why a tube could have stopped working How to check starters and ballasts Common problems with fluorescent tubes and what might cause them   Fluorescent tubes might not be…

Dimmer Switch

Troubleshooting Common Problems with LED Light Bulbs

New technology in LEDs  is not exempt from problems What the common issues are and how to resolve them Common problems with cheap LED bulbs   It’s well known that…

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The 8 Biggest Home Lighting Blunders and How to Fix Them

The lighting in your home can help create a relaxing or welcoming atmosphere or help you be more productive The wrong lights in the wrong place can make it difficult…

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Replacing and Recycling Fluorescent Tubes Safely

How to replace an old fluorescent tube without injuring yourself Only 2-5% of fluorescent tubes get recycled, find out how to recycle yours Dangerous mercury in fluorescent tubes – what…

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Complete Guide to Upgrading Your Entire Home with LED Lights

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and convert your home from incandescent or CLFs to the more eco-friendly LEDs – but where to start? The range of LEDs on…


Light and Photography

Photography is a fun and rewarding hobby, but taking high-quality photos is often a difficult and time-consuming task. Even after taking your time and positioning the shot accurately, you still…


Lighting, Mood and Health

This article now re-directs to the most recent blog post on Light, Mood and Health which holds more information on this topic, possible treatments and your ‘Right to Light’. According…


Grow Your Own: Chillies

This article now redirects to a more general article on how to grow a variety of plants in Britain, despite it’s weather, and why different variations of light are important….


Lights Out 4th August

The year 2014 marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, and August 4th marks one hundred years since Britain entered the war against Germany. The outcome was…


UV Facts and Staying Safe

Whether at home in the UK or on a foreign holiday, it’s important to keep yourself protected against the effects of sun exposure. According to Cancer Research UK, using sunscreen alone may…


Earth Hour 2015

Do you know about Earth Hour? If not, put the date in your diary. Earth Hour is your chance to save the planet in your own way. It’s your chance…


Right to Light

This article now redirects to a general Light, Mood and Health article. This contains ‘Right to Light’ information, as well as information on how light affects people’s moods and productivity….



Are you a keen photographer? If so, we have a very exciting competition running for the next month. The theme is ‘light’, and we want you to be as creative…


Attention bloggers!

It’s giveaway time… Are you a blogger? Does your blog focus on any of these areas? Environment and eco-friendly initiatives Electrical features and/or lighting Money saving House and home If…


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The Ultimate Guide to Office Lighting

Lighting is a key part of any office design as different types of lighting can have a huge impact on everything from our mood to our productivity. As the average…

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