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Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs and the Environment

What compact fluorescent tubes are and how they work Why they are so much more beneficial to the environment when compared to incandescent bulbs How to dispose of the bulbs…

Fluorescent Tubes

How Do Fluorescent Tubes Work?

Fluorescent tubes are a common sight in public places, offices and schools but how much do you actually know about the inner workings of the fluorescent lamp? Knowing how a…

Fluorescent Tube Issues

Troubleshooting Common Problems with Starters and Ballasts in Fluorescent Tubes

Reasons why a tube could have stopped working How to check starters and ballasts Common problems with fluorescent tubes and what might cause them   Fluorescent tubes might not be…

fluorescent tube illustration

Replacing and Recycling Fluorescent Tubes Safely

How to replace an old fluorescent tube without injuring yourself Only 2-5% of fluorescent tubes get recycled, find out how to recycle yours Dangerous mercury in fluorescent tubes – what…


Lighting, Mood and Health

According to medical experts, natural light can be incredibly beneficial to your health. Getting a small amount of sunlight can improve your mood and provide you with the right amount…


Grow Your Own: Chillies

The weather isn’t always consistent in Britain, and the lack of sunshine often means that gardening projects have to be abandoned. Those of us who like to grow our own…


May the Force be with You… In the Stationery Cupboard

Interesting use of a fluorescent tube – practical and artistic! Image source  

Light Bulbs

Which Light Bulb Wattage Do I Need?

Light bulb wattage comparison table Customise the light bulb wattage for your home How going green can save you money Small things can have decisive impact on the level of…

Office Lighting

3 Top Tips for Office Lighting

Day to day, most people probably don’t give much thought to the lighting in their offices but without it, working comfortably would be pretty difficult, particularly this time of year….

Fuel Poverty

I can’t afford my electricity bill: what can I do?

Fuel poverty, when a household can’t afford to keep their home at a temperature of 18 -21C and struggles with costs of lighting, water and other appliance usage, affects up…

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