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Light and Sleep

So we’ve told you how to help your fish drift off to dreamland, and the affect light can have, but do you know about how light is affecting your sleep?…


5 Golden Rules for Lighting High Ceilings

Most people long for a house with high ceilings.  Not only are they great spaces to design, which can be effortlessly elegant, their height also suggests freedom, miles away from…


New Year! New Lights?

Happy 2016!  So it’s a brand new year and we thought what better way to celebrate than with some new lights, specifically lighting projects for your home this year: 1) Porch/…


How to make a Room Bigger using Clever Lighting

Some of us enjoy having a small, cosy feel in our home.  However if all your rooms are small and cosy, they might start to feel cramped and claustrophobic instead.  If you find…

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8 DIY Bonfire Lights

So Bonfire Night is once again here and we can’t wait for fireworks, bonfires and lots of delicious food.  The thing we’re most excited for?  The amazing lights of course! Lights…


Your Guide to Good Desk Lighting

In 2015, most people either work at a desk or at least have a desk space in their home.  As people spend more and more time working on computers, it…


Better Bathroom Lighting

Although used everyday, the bathroom often gets the least amount of attention when it comes to lighting.  Many take a one-fits-all approach, using only a singular light for the whole room….


Open up Outside with Lighting

As it is officially summer, many people are turning away from the indoors and beginning to venture outside, looking to make the most of the longer nights and (hopefully) warmer weather!…


6 reasons to love our new All In One 10w LED Dimmable Downlights

We here at LampShopOnline are in love with our new all-in-one dimmable downlights, and we want you to be too! So here’s 6 reasons why should check them out today:…

Red Fish

How to Help Your Fish Sleep

If you were to imagine a cat, the picture that springs to mind is likely to be of it curled up asleep, whether that is in front of a roaring…

Tree growing in a lightbulb

Using Light to Grow Plants

The unpredictable nature of the British weather can sometimes prove problematic for gardeners, especially if they want to try their hand at growing fruit and veg. Sunshine is key for…

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Lighting, Mood and Health

In your everyday environment, it is amazing how many seemingly unimportant elements can have a significant impact on your health. One huge contributing factor to your general wellbeing is the…

Artifact Lighting Copper Shade Pendant

10 Ways New Lighting Can Transform Your Home

How to get started on a home lighting makeover with ambient, task and accent lighting Top picks for stylish lighting accessories to ensure your home lighting is on trend The…

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The 8 Biggest Home Lighting Blunders and How to Fix Them

The lighting in your home can help create a relaxing or welcoming atmosphere or help you be more productive The wrong lights in the wrong place can make it difficult…

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