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A Look Back at the History of LEDs

As you might have guessed, us here at LampShopOnline are a little bit in love with LEDs, as is the rest of the lighting world!  Although they are often attributed…


Light and Sleep

So we’ve told you how to help your fish drift off to dreamland, and the affect light can have, but do you know about how light is affecting your sleep?…


How to Light a Space Station

You’ve heard it all before: LEDs are more efficient, long lasting, lighter and more durable than their predecessors.  But for all the benefits they have down here on Earth, up in…


Light Pollution: Seeing the Stars vs Seeing the City

Seeing the stars at night is exciting whatever age you are.  Stunning photos showing the vast galaxy around us are shared and favourited constantly, with many people adding comments like…


Troubleshooting Common Problems with Halogen lightbulbs

Halogen lighting, although they look like incandescents, are slightly different in order to make them last longer.  However, they can still have a variety of problems which reduce their life…

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Lose the Jet Lag with Light

Nodding off in New York?  Snoozing in Sri Lanka?  Comatose in Canada? You’re not alone.  Jet Lag is a modern phenomenon which affects millions of people each year, and makes…


Something for Summer: Light Fantastic at the National Media Museum

If you are looking for something to do this summer, the National Media Museum in Bradford have an exciting new exhibit to explore.  Called Light Fantastic: Adventures in the Science…


Light and Sight

Without light it would be impossible for us to see anything, so it seems important to find out why it is necessary, and what happens when things go wrong? Vision…


2015: The International Year of Light!

Not just a day, not just a week, not even just a month, but the entire year of 2015 is dedicated to the celebration of Light and Light-Based technologies! The…

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Lighting, Mood and Health

In your everyday environment, it is amazing how many seemingly unimportant elements can have a significant impact on your health. One huge contributing factor to your general wellbeing is the…


Light and Photography

Photography is a fun and rewarding hobby, but taking high-quality photos is often a difficult and time-consuming task. Even after taking your time and positioning the shot accurately, you still…


Lighting, Mood and Health

This article now re-directs to the most recent blog post on Light, Mood and Health which holds more information on this topic, possible treatments and your ‘Right to Light’. According…


Grow Your Own: Chillies

This article now redirects to a more general article on how to grow a variety of plants in Britain, despite it’s weather, and why different variations of light are important….


UV Facts and Staying Safe

Whether at home in the UK or on a foreign holiday, it’s important to keep yourself protected against the effects of sun exposure. According to Cancer Research UK, using sunscreen alone may…

Marine Fish

Help your fish get to sleep with proper lighting

This article has been moved to ‘Help Your Fish Sleep’ which offers more information on the right lighting for your fish. Is it odd to think about fish sleeping? Well,…

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