Earth Hour 2016

So, another year has passed and it’s once again time for Earth Hour!  This is the 10th event and so promises to be extra special, and is the perfect opportunity to get involved.


What is Earth Hour?

For 2015, we wrote a blog post all about it here.  However this is a basic outline.

On the 19th March 2016, between the hour of 8:30pm and 9:30pm, people, business and organisations will turn off their lights in a show of community and solidarity against climate change and it’s danger to the planet.  There are also loads of other events to get involved in, such as campaigns for more green legislation and the twitter hashtag to follow.

It happens at the end of March each year, as this is in time with the Spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Autumn equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, which means there will be near coincidental sunset times, meaning the best visual impact of the event can be captured.

Earth Hour Global is run and co-ordinated by a dedicated core team of 9 people in Singapore, who guide the activities happening within Earth Hour and spread the word about the movement.


Where did this start?

The event started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia.  Then the event had 2.2 million participants, and was a grassroots campaign from the WWF.

Last year, 7000 cities in 172 countries worldwide took part, with hundreds of million participants.  Also, as well as homes and offices, 10,400+ of the world’s landmarks switched off, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Houses of Parliament in London.  The UK has been a participant since 2008.


Are there any rules?

There are no real rules for Earth Hour, apart from the obvious commitment to turn off all non-essential lights.  However, Earth Hour does trust their participant to use common sense, for example not leaving any stairs unlit or leaving objects that are easily tripped over in the dark.  Also, carrying around torches or flashlights are a good idea.


So what’s Earth Hour Blue?

Earth Hour Blue is a fairly new initiative set up in 2014, which is trying to harness the power of digital crowdfunding and crowdsourcing to raise money for tangible change, such as projects to save the Bees and help Elephants.  This is a way to go beyond simply making a symbolic act, and the campaign is trying to get more people involved.


Shouldn’t you be against this?

So why is a lighting company for the switching off of lights?  LampShopOnline is for anything that can help the planet, including switching off unnecessary lights.  Also, like LampShop, Earth Hour encourages the use of environmentally friendly technology, such as LED light bulbs, in more and more settings, as it stops the use of inefficient technologies.

So on Saturday, consider signing up, turning off the lights  and supporting our planet.


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