New Year! New Lights?

Happy 2016!  So it’s a brand new year and we thought what better way to celebrate than with some new lights, specifically lighting projects for your home this year:

1) Porch/ Front Door Spotlight- When trying to find someone’s house for the first time, it can be tricky, especially if it is dark outside.  So why not help your guests out with a light on, or near, the door that illuminates the house number, and also adds some style!


2) Happier Hallways- Without enough light, some hallways can feel like walking through a horror film.  People tend to spend more time lighting the rooms they are going to spend the most time in, but spare a thought for how you are going to get there.


3) Raise the roof with uplights…- Because small rooms don’t have to feel small.  All you need is a few lighting tricks and the room will suddenly feel a lot more spacious.  For example, uplights stop shadows forming on the ceiling which can make it seem taller.


4) …or put in pendants to lower it back down.- On the other side, if your room’s tall ceilings are making you feel a little overwhelmed, lighting can solve this too.  Pendants or low-hanging decorative lights can lower the ceiling, as it draws the eye to their level.


5) Design for Dining- So you have a dining room and have designed it to perfection, with a carefully chosen dining set and table features.  Apart from there’s one problem: no one can see because the light’s not right!  Once again pendants can be great in this situation, as they’ll draw focus to the table as the main feature of the room, or some unobtrusive recessed downlights.


6) A Brighter Bathroom is a Better Bathroom- If you saw our post about Better Bathroom Lighting, you know we want to make sure everyone’s bathroom is a place they actually want to spend time in.  The start of a new year is an excellent excuse to vamp up your bathroom lighting and make it the relaxing space you always knew it could be.


7) Shining Stairs- Much like hallways, lighting your stairs isn’t the first thought most people have, the idea being that they will simply be lit by any residual light from the neighbouring rooms.  However, stairs can be dangerous if not fully lit, and there are some really cool new ways to light them!


8) Amp up the Attic- or basement depending on which you have.  Unless your attic has been converted, odds are it is being used for storage.  Also, odds are you probably can’t find anything because 1) there is far too much stuff and 2) there isn’t enough light to see what’s there.  Now you’ll have to deal with the first on your own, but we are here to help with the second.  From spotlights to tubes, there are so many options; just make sure they are suitable for your room.


9) Perfect Pathways- Outdoors can sometimes need some TLC, and in the dark of winter adding some lights to guide you through the garden is never a bad idea.


10) Top-up Task Lights- From desks to under kitchen cupboards, now is the time to check whether or not your task lighting is actually helping you.  If the light is not bright enough, or is creating shadows, changing the lights can help you be more productive this year.


11) Fab Fluorescents and Lovely LEDs- We love both of these lights, mainly because they are energy-saving and can last a really long time.  If one of your resolutions was to be more green, why not consider switching your bulbs for these equivalents.


12) Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall- Mirrors can both be lighting’s best friend, and worst enemy.  Best friends because it can reflect the light given off, making a room appear bigger.  Worst enemies because if the angle is wrong, shadows can be created.  Make sure to factor in any mirrors into your lighting equations this year.


13) Shelving? Sorted- Shelves are a great way to store and display things.  What’s not so great is not being able to see anything under the top shelf because it’s taking all the light.  There are several ways to correct this though, such as angling a spotlight to hit the lower levels, or getting creative with some LED Ribbon lights.


14) Take ControlWith new technology speeding ahead, the things you can do with lights has gotten more advanced than simply turning them on and off again.  From sensors which have been around for years, to colour changes and dimmers connected to your i-phone, lighting controls, there are loads of options to make your house safer  and smarter.


15) Accent Away- Accent lighting is a great way to show off, and we love lighting that shows off.  Whether it be a painting you just picked up, that house plant that is totally going to live this time, or some nice photos you want people to coo over, accent lighting is the way to draw people’s eyes exactly where you want them.


16) Decorative DesignLighting doesn’t have to be boring or hidden away.  Sometimes it can be a feature all of its own and can complement any style you are creating.  So if you’re doing any design work this new year, why not try and style up your lights?


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