Grow Your Own: Chillies

This article now redirects to a more general article on how to grow a variety of plants in Britain, despite it’s weather, and why different variations of light are important….


Lights Out 4th August

The year 2014 marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, and August 4th marks one hundred years since Britain entered the war against Germany. The outcome was…


UV Facts and Staying Safe

Whether at home in the UK or on a foreign holiday, it’s important to keep yourself protected against the effects of sun exposure. According to Cancer Research UK, using sunscreen alone may…


Earth Hour 2015

Do you know about Earth Hour? If not, put the date in your diary. Earth Hour is your chance to save the planet in your own way. It’s your chance…


Right to Light

This article now redirects to a general Light, Mood and Health article. This contains ‘Right to Light’ information, as well as information on how light affects people’s moods and productivity….



Are you a keen photographer? If so, we have a very exciting competition running for the next month. The theme is ‘light’, and we want you to be as creative…


Attention bloggers!

It’s giveaway time… Are you a blogger? Does your blog focus on any of these areas? Environment and eco-friendly initiatives Electrical features and/or lighting Money saving House and home If…


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Priestly College

The Ultimate Guide to Office Lighting

Lighting is a key part of any office design as different types of lighting can have a huge impact on everything from our mood to our productivity. As the average…


Shining the Light on Bridport’s Eco-Friendly Business

Lilliputs, a home textiles and accessories department store based in Bridport, Dorset, are increasing their efforts to be more environmentally friendly by replacing the shop’s lighting with LED tubes. Lilliputs…


May the Force be with You… In the Stationery Cupboard

Interesting use of a fluorescent tube – practical and artistic! Image source  

Light Bulbs

Which Light Bulb Wattage Do I Need?

Light bulb wattage comparison table Customise the light bulb wattage for your home How going green can save you money Small things can have decisive impact on the level of…

Office Lighting

3 Top Tips for Office Lighting

Day to day, most people probably don’t give much thought to the lighting in their offices but without it, working comfortably would be pretty difficult, particularly this time of year….


Using lighting in the home

Our home is essentially a reflection of ourselves; it is the place we spend time with friends and family relaxing and creating memories. Anybody who enters your home will initially…


Lighting Industry Needs to do More to Educate Businesses and Consumers with Practical LED Information

Fitting LEDs in a home or business premises has long been regarded as a straightforward way to save money on electricity bills and help the environment. Even though the benefits…


LED Survey Reveals We’ve All Got Work To Do!

Recently we asked our Facebook followers a few questions on LED Lighting – and a big thank you to everybody who took the time to complete the survey! So we…

Fuel Poverty

I can’t afford my electricity bill: what can I do?

Fuel poverty, when a household can’t afford to keep their home at a temperature of 18 -21C and struggles with costs of lighting, water and other appliance usage, affects up…

Marine Fish

Help your fish get to sleep with proper lighting

This article has been moved to ‘Help Your Fish Sleep’ which offers more information on the right lighting for your fish. Is it odd to think about fish sleeping? Well,…

Circuit Board With LED Display

A guide to LEDs

Everyone’s heard of LEDs but how many times have you stopped to think about what an LED actually is and what makes it different from other kinds of lights?. What…


How does a fluorescent lamp work?

Fluorescent tubes are a common sight in public places, offices and schools but how much do you actually know about the inner workings of the fluorescent lamp.  Do you know…

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