Are LEDs the future of lighting?

With the phasing out of the traditional halogen lamp there are few alternative options on offer to us.  Compact Fluorescent bulbs are widely available and it’s easy to believe that…

Ultimate party lights for the best Christmas party

What do you need to get right at a party?  Food, drink, music and atmosphere and one way you can really create an atmosphere is through lighting.  Lighting can be…

What are the advantages of LED floodlights?

Flood lighting is hugely important in both public and private spaces.  Floodlights are extremely powerful and can light up huge spaces whether it be a football stadium, music arena or…

Changing to energy saving lighting could save you money

Financial help for businesses that choose energy saving lighting

LampShopOnline is offering to help companies buying energy saving lighting take advantage of tax relief and a financial scheme that can help reduce initial purchase costs. Many companies are not aware of a government initiative called Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA’s) which encourage businesses to invest in products which help reduce carbon emissions by offering tax relief. LampShopOnline is also offering to help companies fill in forms for finance organised by the Carbon Trust through Siemens to help reduce the initial payment when buying energy saving lighting.

LED lighting is the future !!!

LED lighting is the fastest selling form of lighting currently on the market due to the following benefits:
• 61 % Energy saving compared to a 6ft 70w standard fluorescent tube
• 30,000 hour life span (10 years average)
• Direct retrofit for 2ft-6ft tubes, no lamp gear is required as tubes are wired straight to mains
• 2 Year guarantee with all LED lighting
• 100% use of lumen output (No wastage)
• All our LED lighting is CE marked and ROHS compliant
• choice of colours 4000k (Cool white) or 6500k (Day light)


Do you know how to recycle your light bulbs?

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (or WEEE for short) is a law first introduced to the UK in January 2007 which aims to minimise the environmental impact of electrical and electronic equipment. All businesses that manufacture, supply, use, recycle or recover electrical equipment must comply with UK WEEE regulations which direct the proper disposal of such equipment.

T5,T8,T12? Which tube do I need and why?

Terms like T5, T8 and T12 may seem like meaningless jargon to the layman and it might be hard to figure out which type of tube is best for your needs. The truth is these terms are pretty easy to get your head round and the differences between these types of fluorescent tubes are simple and easy to understand.


Why are fluorescent lights so environmentally friendly?

Domestic fluorescent lights are generally understood to be the eco-friendly option in the home, but what is it about them that makes them so good for the environment and how much better are they? The light bulbs we’re referring to are generally known as compact fluorescent lights or CFLs and we’re going to give you a brief insight into why these light bulbs are considered the best option in the home.


Illuminate the potential of the fluorescent tube in your home

It’s all too easy to think of the fluorescent tube as an instance of functionality over style. We’re used to seeing long fluorescent tubes in public spaces, offices and buildings and in these contexts it’s probably true that the tube has been picked for efficiency rather than look. This doesn’t mean that the fluorescent tube offers no scope for providing lighting which is not only functional and eco-friendly but which actually offers an aesthetic benefit. Recently, innovative designers and connoisseurs of the minimalist and ultra-contemporary look have been reimagining the fluorescent tube.

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